Better Beef

Requires Better Data

Introducing Pasture thru Processing Supply Chain Traceability

Livestock Lens has developed an industry-first complete supply chain traceability platform, tracking cattle from pasture to plate. With a simple push of a button, genetics, weight readings, health and animal welfare records are transferred as cattle are bought and sold. In addition, the platform allows carcass data to be tracked back to the live animal in near real-time, providing important feedback in the cattle supply chain.

Pasture-Thru-Processing Supply Chain Traceability

  • Cow Calf App
  • Sale Barn App
  • Packer App

  • Stocker App
  • Feedlot App

API for Data in/out
(Health, Genetics, and Feed )

Traceability Platform

Cloud Based, Scalable and Secure

Our horizontal traceability platform is used by cattle marketing groups, cattle investors, as well as packers. The Livestock Lens platform supports both beef-on-beef and beef-on-dairy operations.

Trace Cattle

Track cattle across multiple locations and segments.


Market cattle in multiple locations as a group.


Collect data feedback across the supply chain to improve overall quality.

Trolley Reading System

Use AI-powered video analytics to track carcasses inside the packing plant.

In addition to traceability, our platform also provides applications for each participant in the supply chain.

Cow – Calf Producers

Sale Barns





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