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Trolley Tracking

Livestock Lens Trolley Reading System

Livestock Lens has developed a system to read hooks from trolleys inside packing plants. Our system is based on Artificial Intelligence methods that have become the defacto standard for image analysis over the last two years.  

Step 1

Hook is detected in video.

Step 2

Holes from each hook are detected and the position of each hole is read.

Key Advantages

  • Standard POE cameras at each station to read the hooks. No special equipment or lighting is required.
  • Partially obstructed holes are read by an AI system that is not dependent on light passing through the holes.
  • Algorithms straighten images prior to prior to reading, ensuring angled hooks are read accurately.
  • Multiple hooks in a frame are read in parallel to speed up the reads.
  • The software runs on Linux (or Windows) Virtual Machines and writes results to external databases to make the trolley reads easily accessible by other systems.
  • Live animal ID’s (LF, UHF and Visual) are connected to ensure that carcasses data can be linked back to the live animal and all the way back to the ranch where it was born.
  • A browser-based GUI is also provided to view trolley hooks and reads from each station.


Our system can write data to a central database in real-time. Third-party apps can easily access this data and use trolley reads for additional processing (for example, connect the trolley read to hot weight).

Basic POE cameras installed just a few feet from the trolleys run on virtual machines making it easy to get them up and running.

We do not restrict the use of our system. Pricing is based on the number of trolley reads regardless of how many systems are installed inside the plant.

No. We are a company focused on traceability. The trolley reading system is focused on tracing cattle and animal carcasses inside the packing plant. We do make the trolley reads accessible to ERP and other apps used in the packing plant.

Data from UHF/LF readers can be connected to carcass data through identification with the trolley hook. We also provide UHF/LF ID’s to other systems inside the packing plant, connecting the live animal ID to the carcass ID.

Yes, our trolley tracking system can be installed wherever trolleys are used.

Getting Started

Livestock Lens offers pilot programs to introduce our technology to prospective customers.


Setup is easy using POE cameras and Linux/Windows Virtual Machines and Linux/Windows Virtual Machines to read trolley hooks.

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