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Traceability Platform

Ranch-To-Plate Traceability With Value Added Apps

  • Cow Calf App
  • Sale Barn App
  • Packer App

  • Stocker App
  • Feedlot App

API for Data in/out
(Health, Genetics, and Feed )

Traceability Platform

Cloud Based, Scalable and Secure

Platform Features

  • A platform that tracks cattle over time and across owners. In addition, the platform transfers data from owner to owner, making it easy for each owner to access valuable data from the previous owners.
  • Applications for all segments in the cattle industry- cow-calf producers, calf-ranches, backgrounders, feedlots, and packers to drive adoption of the platform. We have approximately 200 customers using our applications today including marquee customers like USDA.
  • Ability to ingest data from other systems including major industry players like Micro Beef and Turnkey, DairyComp, and BoviSync systems.
  • Ability to track cattle via UHF, LF, and Visual Tags (Plastic Dongle Tags and Metal Tags). Our UHF tags are tamperproof and made in the US.
  • USDA-approved verification program for cattle age, source, and genomics. Additional verification programs using blockchain will be launched in 2022.


We have API’s and interfaces that allow third parties to receive data from our system. Users/Systems with a valid key can receive data on their cattle by inputting their chip ID numbers.

Integration of blockchain into our platform begins in 2022, ensuring data cannot be manipulated once it is synced to Livestock Lens. Only data collected directly from our app or third party systems, such as feed and health history and animal genetics, is added to the blockchain to ensure the validity and quality of the data.

Our system can write data to a central database in real-time. Third-party apps can easily access this data and use trolley reads for additional processing (for example, connect the trolley read to hot weight).

The Livestock Lens platform pricing model is simple. When cattle are traced at a location (for example a ranch, backgrounder, etc.) a small fee is applied. Multiple reads at the same location are counted as one read. There is an additional fee for tags, hardware, and technical support for the apps.

If you would like to create a traceability program for your value-added cattle across the supply chain, we can help you achieve that goal.  Our platform supports both UHF and LF tags used for tracing cattle and includes both hardware and data collection and management software. To get your program started, contact us today.

Getting Started

Livestock Lens offers pilot programs to introduce our technology to prospective customers.

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