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Calf Ranches

Livestock Lens provides UHF, LF and Custom Printed Visual tags that help producers track cattle inventory. In addition to cattle inventory at each pasture, the app tracks health, and records weights, AI, Preg Checks, and Bull turnouts. Using a reader, the app auto-detects cattle coming into the chute and collects weights directly from the scale to make data collection an easy process. Producers can also track herds, pasture rotations, and animal checks to promote and verify the welfare and sustainability of their cattle operations. The platform is used by marquee customers like the USDA to track information on cow-calf herds.

Livestock Lens offers the industry’s most cost-effective age and source verification program. The data collection process is automated by the app and supports both LF and UHF tags, making it easy for producers to participate in the program and certify their cattle with age and source verifications. Cattle buyers can easily verify the data on the Livestock Lens website.

Sale Barns

The app tracks cattle as they come into the sale barn and trace them back to their original owner. In addition, cattle are tracked as they are loaded out as a group. Sale barns can download the data (weights, genetics and health records) on each group of cattle and send them to buyers.


Backgrounders can track their cattle inventory in pens and pastures using tags and the app, allowing for precise inventory control as incoming cattle are processed, while they are feeding in pastures, and as they leave the premises. Livestock Lens also tracks weight, health records, and feed amounts. It is currently the only app that provides integration into Quickbooks, enabling electronic billing and payments and profit & loss tracking on individual cattle.


Similar to backgrounders, the tags and app allow feedlots to track cattle and determine profit & loss from their operations. Livestock Lens provides a single app to track all cattle, medications, weights, and feeds across the operation. Integration to chute and feed wagon scales allows feedlots to track the animal and feed weights with unparalleled accuracy.


Using the Livestock Lens platform, packers can track live cattle using UHF or LF tags and read trolley hooks to identify carcasses, connecting live animal ID and carcass data across the packing plant. Yields, grades, hot and cold weights, and other important carcass attributes such as Ribeye area and Marbling scores can be collected and used to sort carcasses with similar characteristics in the sales cooler.


Our apps are designed for use by beef producers and investors, dairy calf ranches, sale barns, smaller backgrounders, and feedlots. Apps can be customized for use by each participant in the supply chain.

The apps run on tablets and do not need an internet connection. Once a user has internet connectivity, data is synced to the Amazon cloud-hosted Livestock Lens platform.

Getting Started

Livestock Lens offers pilot programs to introduce our technology to prospective customers.

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