About Our Team

Our Team

Based in the midwest Livestock Lens was founded by a group of dynamic technologists and cattle ranchers who are excited to bring the power of new technology to cattle producers.

Manoj George

A resident of Olathe, Kansas and a serial entrepreneur, Manoj has started multiple companies with several millions in annual revenues. Prior to Livestock Lens, Manoj founded Colon Prep Center, an e-commerce company serving 500 doctors across the US.

Manoj has a Masters in Engineering and Business from Dartmouth College and a Bachelor of Engineering from IIT Chennai.

Nevil Speer

Nevil Speer started his professional career at Western Kentucky University as a Professor in the Department of Agriculture 1995 and 2014. In addition, he also oversaw the Masters program in Leadership Studies at WKU. From there, he served as Vice President, U.S. Operations for AgriClear, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of TMX Group Limited. He built the team in the United States and led the organization through the start-up process, overseeing all marketing and advertising. Most recently (2020-2022), he served as Director of Industry Relations at Where Food Comes from.

Dr. Speer has written several influential industry white papers and currently serves as a contributor to Drovers. He has served as Chairman of the Board for the National Institute for Animal Agriculture and has extensive experience with the livestock / food industry including various service and consultation projects spanning such issues as market competition, agroterrorism, and animal identification.


Bill Able – Former Veterinary Professor at Oklahoma State

Greg Henderson – Managing Editor of Drover’s Magazine.


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