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Unlike other UHF tags in the market, Livestock Lens manufactures high-quality UHF tags in the United States. Tags can be read from approximately 50 feet away and used to track cattle inventory in the pasture. In addition, the tags make it easy to keep track of cattle that are loaded out without putting them through the chute.

Custom laser-printed tags come in seven colors will not fade for many years. Please contact us to get started or purchase additional tags.

Made in the USA

The tags are produced in the United States to ensure better quality and consistency.


We manufacture tags in the United States to ensure quality and reliable supply for our tags. However, our technology is open and can be used with other UHF or LF (or even visual tags).

All tags are tested for 75 feet read range before they are printed and sent to customers. In addition, we use special chips with additional protection to ensure they are not destroyed during manufacturing or while attached to the cow’s ear.

Tags can be purchased by customers who use our platform. Please contact us to get started or purchase additional tags.

Getting Started

Livestock Lens offers pilot programs to introduce our technology to prospective customers.

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